RCS as a Platform & WebRTC for Telcos


Solaiemes is excited to announce that it is now part of Comverse Inc., as a result of the transaction that was announced on August 5, 2014.

Comverse is a leading provider of solutions to the telecom market bringing a proven and innovative product portfolio which includes Digital Services, BSS and Policy – all backed by Managed and Professional Services.

Comverse’s extensive customer base spans more than 125 countries with solutions successfully delivered to over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers.


RCS API Gateway

Solaiemes RCS API Gateway is the pioneer & GSMA Awarded (2011) network API solution to use RCS messaging to create B2C and also to extend the reach of clients to all screens.
It is UNI based (behaving as clients in the network) and compatible with all RCS core solutions (IMS and non-IMS based). It has been successfully integrated in 4 tier-1 telcos with different RCS core solutions and the GSMA joyn Innovation Accelerator.
It exposes 1st RCS OMA Standard and also simpler REST and SOAP WS API flavors with both long-polling and WebSocket notifications.
It makes easy to create customer Care, Info Services, UGC cases, chat based games etc using RCS as channel.

RCS Web Solution

RCS Web Solution is the API GW + NAB & MediaServer to provide full RCS experience to all screens without needing to implement telco protocols in the final device. It powers RCS access for:
WEB: both messaging and media (using WebRTC).
FIREFOX OS: RCS can be delivered as packaged WebApp (HTML5) based on network API for Mozilla mobile platform.
SMART TV: telcos can put RCS comms in the "big screen" by using RCS Web Solution API from the Smart TV framework.
OTHERS: telcos can get easily RCS access based on API for legacy platforms as Opera Mini, J2ME and new mobile platforms coming as Jolla, Tizen, and also power apps RCS enabled, etc


Solaiemes has created VAS platform to start monetizing and getting engagement for RCS since day 1:
RCS Store: The "store" concept for chat-based services to discover/rate and add to the phonebook. Apps become phonebook entries.
RCS Developer Portal: RCS API offered to developers using a leading API Manager (3Scale, others upon request) . The best way to engage developers to build a compelling chat based service offer.
EUCR Server: API to expose EUCR (verified confirmations) to make revenue for confirmation sensitive transactions and paymentsa.

More RCS VAS platforms coming SOON…

RCS Ad Server

RCS Ad Server allows to disrupt mobile advertising by introducing contextual chat of file transfer adds along an API based service to sponsor it.

It is possible for telcos to create their own Google alike Adwords/Adsense model using RCS A2P free cases developed with the network API as "media" and create revenue share models with RCS use case developers.

It combines with RCS Developer Portal and RCS Store to make telcos to provide their own platform for developer and monetize A2P messaging traffic smartly.

WebRTC-Telco GW

Solaiemes WebRTC-Telco Gateway implements the same approach of RCS API (UNI exposure) to expose IMS / VoIP capabilities to the web.

The platform not only allows to create WebPhones of full RCS Web Clients including voice and video features but also provides an SDK to create innovative telco-web services that could generate new revenue streams.

Solaiemes also provides a framework to launch WebRTC-Telco Service Store.

RCS PM Manager

RCS PM Manager is the platform combining the principles of Call completion Intelligent Network applied to messaging. RCS IM Manager allows to set filters, diverts to second lines, and auto responses based on the sender and/or time intervals and create scheduled events to be sent using RCS on your behalf even if you are offline. The user has a library to edit the media (text, pics, audios) to be used to create autoresponses and events. It is based on 2 IMS AS to manage Options Invites included in the soluion.

We will be ANNOUNCING SOON a new version with more capabilities to provide. STAY TUNNED!